Kilfinan Church

Jean playing viola. Kilfinan Church.
When Jean moved to Otter Ferry in 1987 she attended the nearest church, the Church of Scotland at Kilfinan. As there was no regular organist she started to accompany the hymns on her viola. She was sometimes joined by other musicians (both locals and visitors). She continued to play there regularly until 2013.

Kilfinan church is among the oldest in Scotland. The present building dates from before the reformation but it was significantly rebuilt in the 17th and 18th centuries.
The church was originally dedicated to St Finan, the Irish monk who spent time on Iona before he went to Lindisfarne, and succeeded Aidan as Abott in 651. He may have preached in the area but it is not recorded. The church contains contains stonework that dates from the 9th century and an 11th century Iona cross. The earliest mention of the church is in 1231 when the Lamonts granted the church and associated land to the Cluniac monks of Paisley Abbey.
For more information see Friends of Kilfinan Parish Church.

Kilfinan is a church where “the swallow has built a nest for herself, where she may lay her young” (Psalm 84:3)
For many years the rose window was broken and the swallows flew in to build their nests. Now the window is repaired visitors are reminded to leave the door open to give the swallows access.
Swallow returning to the nest to feed chicks
Gravestones sliding down into the burn on the south side of Kilfinan church
As well as vaults for the Lamonts (17th century chapel on north side of church) MacFarlanes (to west of church) and Rankins (on south side of burn) there are 18th and 19th century gravestones. A full list is available from Friends of Kilfinan Parish Church. Jean’s picture “Fear no more the heat of the sun” shows gravestones sliding down the bank into the burn.

When Jean died asked us to sell her remaining pictures to raise money for Kilfinan Church, there are still pictures available. If you are interested in buying one of Jean’s paintings go to the Artist page.